About Us

European photographer, Michael van der Zanden, started using a camera as

a child in Holland in the early 1960ʼs. Michaelʼs uncle was a professional

photographer and from an early age Michael had a natural affinity with others,

which he describes as being ʻa desire to connect with the magic in peopleʼ.

Having emigrated to Australia in 1980, Michael opened his own portrait studio,

Studio Classique, in Perth Western Australia in 1992. Michaelʼs studio

specialises in portraits for individuals and couples, catering to the high end of

the market and Michael has over 10,000 portraits to his credit.

"A portrait is much more than a mere expression of the feelings of the person who is photographed".

"What is more important in a risky profession as photography is not the equipment but the person who handles it. A good photo is born when its creator is completely involved in his job and when he is in perfect communication with his object."

"When a person is able to read the characteristic traits of the photographed from an image, its creator could consider that his job is complete and successful."

A photographer, argues Michael, needs to ensure that his job is not to display his mastery over a particular type of equipment. “Rather, he needs to prove what he could do to give as much justice as possible to an subject before him," says the cameraman

Defending the photographers' general fascination for photographing women for most of their works, Michael feels it is because women tend to have a more critical mind. "When a women looks at her own picture, she tends to point out her shortcomings in the image. Whereas, by and large men get carried away by the best side of their photographs," says Michael.